Safety gear is essential for your workers. If you work in construction, excavation or roadworks, visibility is vital. Accidents are less likely to happen when your workers can see each other. Whether they work during the night or the day, workers should have hi-vis workwear. It will enhance their safety. Here are three things to consider when purchasing high-visibility work gear. 


When buying any clothing, you need to consider the fit. It should fit the wearer. Workers will wear high-visibility garments over other clothes. You should review the sizes of the workers you are buying for and what they will wear underneath. If they have to wear heavy safety garments, then the garments should be large enough to fit over them. Consider the number of tools they are carrying around. The garment should be large enough so that their tools do not hinder visibility. Bear in mind that a worker wearing high-visibility clothing should be visible from a long distance away.  


Consider the percentage of the body covered by the high-visibility garment.  You should pick jackets over vests to enhance visibility. You should provide garments with fluorescent stripping on the back and front. For better visibility, there should be striping on the sides too. Smaller garments equal lower visibility.  Workers will be visible, and you will avoid workplace accidents.  

When working at night, your workers' high-visibility garments should cover all parts of their bodies. This will help them to be protected from injuries by heavy vehicles on construction sites as well as cranes. They will also be visible to other workers, and this will enhance teamwork and productivity. You should also ensure that hard hats have a fluorescent strip affixed to them as well.  

Type of fabric 

Ensure that the high-visibility garments you buy for your workers are of high quality. They should maintain fluorescence. Polyester, acrylic and nylon keep their fluorescence for the longest time. They are also close-knitted and, therefore, bright enough for low-light work areas. Mesh and cotton are more comfortable for warm regions. However, they do not satisfy safety standards for brightness.

Ensure the fabric is hardwearing. If your workers are around fires and flammable substances, look for garments that are fire retardant. It would help if you also bought garments that do not lose their fluorescence after washing.  


Ensure that you purchase high-quality, high-visibility workwear for your workers. It will enhance safety and productivity.