Women, want to support your favourite football team without sacrificing your sense of style? Luckily, it's easy to do both. Just check out these savvy tips for wearing AFL jerseys, like those from Jerseys Megastore, in fashion-forward ways:

1. A modified jersey and skinny jeans

For a comfortable look that will still show off your figure, try modifying a men's AFL jersey and pairing it with skinny jeans or leggings. Knot an over-sized jersey in the back or on the side or cut it into a loose crop top. Then, pull on your favourite jeans or leggings

The contrast of the relatively baggy jersey over the tight trousers looks cool. In lieu of modifying a large men's jersey, look for smaller, more fitted jerseys that are tailored especially for women.

2. A flirty skirt and sporty jersey

Of course, you don't' have to wear jeans with your AFL jersey. For a look that is at once feminine and sporty, try pairing your favourite AFL jersey with a skirt.

Emphasise the narrow cut of a long jersey with a pencil skirt or tap into your cheerleading side and wear a short, flared skirt that matches the colors of your jersey. Alternatively, create a fun contrast with a floral skirt and an AFL jersey, but make the items complement each other by sticking to the same colour pallets.

3. Layered jerseys

Whether you choose trousers or skirts, consider layering your AFL jersey. For the summer, you can cut your jersey into a crop top and pair it with tight fitting tank top underneath it.

For a relatively cold fall day, you can throw a waffle knit long-sleeved shirt under a jersey, or you can take a cue from business-inspired fashions and wear a tailored blazer over an AFL jersey.

4. AFL jersey mini dresses

Instead of layering, take a few layers off and dare to wear a long AFL jersey on its own as a mini dress. Give it shape by putting a chunky belt around your middle. Then, finish the look with some ankle boots and a long necklace.

5. Other fashionable alternatives

If you want to support your team with style, jerseys are a great place to start, but they aren't the only option. You can also wear fitted team t-shirts, sweatshirts with your team's logo and other soccer accessories. Whether you like hats, skirts, sportswear or other items, get creative as you sprinkle those elements through your wardrobe.