For professional women in the workplace, looking young can be a disadvantage as detailed in the book "Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office" by L. Frankel. Looking young sends a message that you might be inexperienced and relatively junior, which can be an obstacle for women aiming to get respect and advance in the workplace. Here are some tips that help your corporate level make you look more experienced.

Well-tailored clothing

For women who look very young, part of the issue can be poorly fitting workwear particularly if you are a petite woman as wearing large clothing can create an impression of youth. Equally overly tight uniforms can also make you seem young, as well as unprofessional if they cling to curves. Even if you need to wear a specific workwear, a tailored uniform that skims the body can be ideal.

New neutral colours

While you don't entirely need to keep to a palate of traditional neutrals, sticking with solid colours in traditional tones such as blue, greys, beiges and whites creates a great base for a mature and professional wardrobe. While many magazines will encourage you to update your work uniform, steer away from overly faddish colours such as neon. You can consider metallic and interesting textures to spice up your work outfits. Red is also a great power colour to use as highlight in your accessories.

Groomed for success

Once you have perfected your work outfits, a new haircut and makeup regime can also help your project a professional appearance. If you are not confident with styling your hair and applying your own makeup if can be worth paying for a makeover session at a local boutique with a similar style as you are looking to project. Try heading if with a picture of a business woman whose style you'd like to emanate.

Accessorise for added flair

In order to make your outfit seem more mature, accessorise with some traditional items such as scarves and jewellery in classic styling. Excellent investment pieces can include diamond studs, pearl necklaces and classic silk scarves. Using these classic pieces sends a classic and mature message compared to trendy and larger accessory items.

The impression you send via your appearance is an important part of your personal brand. A mature and classic selection of workwear helps increase the impression of your age and professionalism, and helps promote your chances of promotion.