If you are running a crowd funding effort it makes sense to have rewards at difference levels to show your support. Many supporters love a chance to wear their support on a shirt, and this can also be a great way to gain some more free advertising for your new brand. Here are some ideas on how to design the t-shirt you'll have as a reward.

Get contributions from your fans

Have a chance for people to contribute to the design. You can run a competition for people to contribute t-shirt designs on another platform, or have more than one choice available to choose from on the crowd-funding site. Interesting and unique designs make it more likely that people will choose that reward, but also will be more likely to wear the shirt and thus promote your brand.

Choosing a quality product

Remember that as a promotion for your product, you want the shirt to keep looking good into the future. Think about how people are likely to wear the t-shirt, for example with a bike accessory crowd-funding t-shirt likely to worn during athletic activities and an indie movie campaign t-shirt being likely to be worn on coffee runs. Matching the fabric to the likely usage helps make sure it looks great over it's entire life. If you are considering ordering from an online supplier why not request a sample of the fabric before you place the order, so you can assess it's suitability.

Look for a supplier that can offer a large range of sizes

With consumers coming in large range of sizes and shapes, you'll maximise your appeal by having a wide ranges of sizes on offer. Offering much larger plus sizes, or only ordering a small amount of each size can increase your cost per unit so there is a trade off between your budget and the size ranges offered.

Be sure to ask your t-shirt supplier how their pricing works over different sizes and model some different distributions to ensure that there is a still a good amount of money flowing from each pledge to your underlying project. Some suppliers can even organise a send out a size allocation survey after your campaign, so they can directly print and mail the t-shirts to your supporters.

Choosing a great t-shirt design for your printed t-shirt reward is a great way to generate pledges, as well as creating some viral marketing opportunity for your campaign. Learn more about your options by contacting resources like Lee T. Shirts Pty Ltd.